Shame on These Websites


As I’m sure you are already aware, giving your true email address for any registration is a mistake.  Even when your email provider employs some spam-fighting measure(s), you are likely to find yourself wasting precious seconds (cumulatively, who knows how long) of your life being distracted by them.

Here are some websites, which have either sold or somehow misused (yeah, yeah, legal agreements, fine print, blah) my disposable email addresses since January 20, 2011 (the date the  oldest email in my auto-purged Spam folder was received). 34 4 2 1

I’m not counting email solicitations from the website itself.  I’m counting only those emails which pertain to “Investment Opportunities” and the like.  One website which would be here, except I amputated it awhile ago, is  I received more spam from that one disposable email address than any other (I guess the company is more of a fraud than everyone already suspects).

Also, I have a hard time blaming, simply because the spam I received from that email address was probably scraped from their website by a third party.

For quite some time now (I’m too lazy to dig up just how long), I decided my Yahoo email account was worth the annual fee.  My primary reason for subscribing was a want/need to access the offline backup functions of their premium account.  Their disposable spam email feature alone, is now more than worth the price I pay annually (yup, too lazy to look it up) for my premium Yahoo email account.   I, as a rule but not always a practice, use a new aptly-titled disposable email address (which funnels into my primary address) for every website registration I complete.  Yes, this sounds like and truly is a pain, but guess what?  I can delete these email addresses at my whim, and surgically stop the spam flow.

I am mostly pleased with Yahoo’s email service, and I consider myself a loyal member (I’ve not been impressed with gmail, Mr. Moneybags Google).   That said, and in the interest of being (haha) fair and balanced, there are times when an old, old (2004-ish) email becomes inaccessible, due to corruption(?) and it just won’t load.  When I experience these errors, I have a hard time blaming Yahoo.  These emails are older than my paid account, so whatever (what do I expect?).  Also, being a Systems Administrator, I keenly are of the reality of accidentally losing data.  All in all, I kick myself for not subscribing and backing up my email elsewhere sooner.  In all honesty, if I hadn’t opted for a cloud-based email account as my primary in 2004 (or so), I would have been buried in Outlook data files/folders, because I delete and file virtually nothing (except what is automatically purged by the Spam folder), but that’s another post entirely.

Webizens, unite… Boycott!!!


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