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Would you like some Salt with your Freedom?

I wish to share my experience installing the Salt Stack on Trisquel 6.x.

Salt Stack is a very cool Apache 2.0-licensed remote execution / configuration management / plus more tool.  Trisquel is an awesome free as in freedom GNU/Linux distribution, which seeks to purge all non-free bits from your GNU/Linux experience.  Trisquel 6.0 is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, which makes the following is possible.

I’ve found the Salt Stack team to be quite responsive, in both Github issues and #salt (IRC).  Therefore, I recommend running their ‘develop’ branch, so as to easily upgrade when they apply issue fixes on Github.

To install both salt-master and salt-minon on Trisquel 6.0, log in as a sudo-able user and execute the following after connecting to the Internet.

sudo apt-get -y install curl

curl -L \
  | sed 's/ubuntu/trisquel/g' \
    | sudo sh -s -- -M git develop

While the solution above worked for me, it seems less than pretty (see the 404’s?).  To fix this permanently, I opened an issue at the salt-bootstrap repo requesting a fix.


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