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MUST HAVE: The Ultimate Smartphone (at this time)

Photo credit: engadget

Source: Motorola Atrix 4G, HD multimedia dock, and laptop dock hands-on via engadget

See that up there?  See that LCD monitor?  Yeah, that phone is outputting what you see on the screen.  Yes, the mouse and keyboard work! And yes, that laptop lookin’ thing is a roaming dock for the phone (that also charges the phone on the go)!

This is a game changer.  (read as: I should sell my netbook and laptop before the floor falls out of the market.)

My HTC Evo 4G is crying tears of jealousy…  Crank it up, xda-developers !  Make my Evo 4G do some tricks like these, please.


p.s. Despite the iPhone tug of war, I’m thinking AT&T is [edited to remove unintentional stock advice].  Have you seen HTC’s track record for the past year?  Woah!

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Exascale Supercomputing & You

Source: Video: The Case for Exascale via insideHPC

Here is a great intro to the state of a raging High Performance Computer (HPC) industry.  Take a few minutes and see what 3,000 football stadiums worth of laptop computing power looks like.

Onward to exascale computers! Then, let’s put ’em on a electricity diet and make ’em hand-held.  I want an HTC Exascale Android phone already.  Maybe in the future, Motorola will name a phone “Droid-X” for a reason other than a lack of creativity. 😉

Edit: Maybe it was Verizon’s fault for naming them “Droid-X.”  haha!


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