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Idea: Open Enterprise Bootstrap

There really should be an abstraction above the OS and “distro” levels. I’m talking about something akin to Open Compute, but not as inaccessible. No, what we need is some open and well thought out guidelines for what your basic tech start-up company infrastructure should look like. My guess is that a project to pull together the many open projects we’ve got into some standard layout will be a popular idea, which can reap many benefits.

Let’s try to answer some basic questions here for the common IT bootstrapper / renovator (after the break):

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NOIP?: Host Identity Protocol

Host Identity Protocol – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I was just reading in a forum that this may be a way of making the Internet more resilient…. I must know more.. Holler in the comments if you can help us all learn more about it.  🙂

I’m going to try and find a video to help understand the concept better.

edit 1: Well, I haven’t been able to find any videos on the subject.  It’s morning, so my Google pimpin’ skills are yet in swing for the day…

Anyway, I found this, which looks informative:



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