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Look and listen…GIMP owns your face.


Map of CentOS 5.5 x86_64 Minimal Install

I worked out a bash script today to generate a GraphViz dot file for visualizing CentOS/RHEL/Fedora yum dependencies.  (See below.. script is after the break) -joshua

Here is my barebones install of CentOS 5.5 x86_64 on a Fedora14-based VirtualBox.

Here is what the output of my script looks like.

[root@server gdeps]# ./gdeps.bash openssh openssl glibc bash | tee
 digraph centos5 {
 node [color=lightblue2, style=filled];
 "audit-libs" -> "openssh";
 "e2fsprogs-libs" -> "openssh";
 "fipscheck-lib" -> "openssh";
 "glibc" -> "openssh";
 "initscripts" -> "openssh";
 "krb5-libs" -> "openssh";
 "libselinux" -> "openssh";
 "nspr" -> "openssh";
 "nss" -> "openssh";
 "openssl" -> "openssh";
 "util-linux" -> "openssh";
 "zlib" -> "openssh";
 "bash" -> "openssl";
 "e2fsprogs-libs" -> "openssl";
 "glibc" -> "openssl";
 "krb5-libs" -> "openssl";
 "mktemp" -> "openssl";
 "zlib" -> "openssl";
 "basesystem" -> "glibc";
 "glibc-common" -> "glibc";
 "libgcc" -> "glibc";
 "glibc" -> "bash";
 "libtermcap" -> "bash";
 "mktemp" -> "bash";

 [root@server gdeps]# dot -Tpng > test.png

^ creates a graph based on the text data

(script after break)

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Jewel Punk: Luigi

Is he green with envy?…


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Jewel Punk: OldManZelda

this is boredom….


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Jewel Punk: MarioFish

I hereby declare this style of mine, if it hasn’t already been claimed elsewhere, as Jewel Punk.  Rappers, delight!


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Blue Cut Diamonds

I got tired of the bright colors of my Tesla Model S background hurting my eyes, so I made this Art Deco’ish desktop background from scratch just now.  It’s 1920 x 1200, but you can easily use GIMP to scale it to any size.  I highly recommend the “Sinc (Lanczos 3)” scaling filter in GIMP for this application.  Please let me know if you get any use out of  the image.  The second picture is a screenshot of it on my Windows 7 box.


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m² PowerStation (an open source charter)

Please check out one of the projects I’m starting…





m² PowerStation (open source charter) « vulariter-blog.


p.s. Here’s what a square meter might look like .. 🙂

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Another Parallel Universe

I should be sleeping, but making these is more fun….. -joshua

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Fedora 14 x86_64 installing in a VirtualBox on Windows 7 x86_64..



The first monitor is my init 3 CentOS 5.5 server. Any questions? 🙂 -joshua

Edit: Here’s a GIMP’ed photo of how it looks now.  The left monitor is dedicated to the Fedora VB, while the right hand monitor is Windows 7.  Mousing freely between them both is a dream come true..

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