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m² PowerStation (an open source charter)

Please check out one of the projects I’m starting…





m² PowerStation (open source charter) « vulariter-blog.


p.s. Here’s what a square meter might look like .. 🙂

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My DIY IkeaHacked Standing Height Desk

I designed this as a standing height desk to be built to my actual (uncommon) dimensions. It’s meant to accommodate a treadmill at some point (still need to double check the dimensions for this part).  It’s to be constructed of cheap 2×4’s, dowels and glue, and 2 x Ikea 8′ Lagan Countertops. I put the expense at no more than $200, but it will probably be far less. — I hope to do some high quality renders soon. — -joshua

Edit 1:  I’ve been thinking more about the desk.  I’d like to find some sort of cool drawer-like container for the slots (e.g. banker’s boxes)?  It would also make more sense if it were modular, so it can be easily moved into tight spaces, by an individual. -j

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Cardboard Box to Boutique Paper = Upcycling

via yashanghai.net

Looks straightforward enough to me.   Maybe if a person stockpiled boxes ahead of time, they’d get a more paper with less tearing apart of the kitchen.

I’d be tempted to sell the paper on eBay, ’cause the only paper I have is my composition notebooks.  lol


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RE: Global Village Construction Set

via AWESOME: Global Village Construction Set – All You Need to Build a Civilization (Video) : TreeHugger.

I always wanted to start an Open Source Cubic Meter project, where the intent was to grow as much food or perhaps absorb as much carbon as possible in a surface-level cubic meter.  My concept would use Google SketchUp to sketch them, and hopefully university funding to test.  There would be climate and/or terrain specific versions developed by the community, and the results could be multiplied the world over.  Maybe I should try again or maybe it’s already happening somewhere online? =)


p.s.  How about an open source cubic meter project for generating independent sustainable power?

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GMA Pallet Upcycling Ideas, Mk. I

I made this video as part of my submissions to the LifeEdited design contest.

The concept here is to make cuts to the pallet which don’t require removal of nails.  With creative cuts, a new set of cheap/free building blocks is easily achieved.


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Pallet House Idea 2011-01-14a

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Pallet Car Idea 2011-01-15a

$ grep -i fail /tmp/hwu.log > /dev/null
$ echo $?
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