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Shame on These Websites


As I’m sure you are already aware, giving your true email address for any registration is a mistake.  Even when your email provider employs some spam-fighting measure(s), you are likely to find yourself wasting precious seconds (cumulatively, who knows how long) of your life being distracted by them.

Here are some websites, which have either sold or somehow misused (yeah, yeah, legal agreements, fine print, blah) my disposable email addresses since January 20, 2011 (the date the  oldest email in my auto-purged Spam folder was received). 34 4 2 1

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m² PowerStation (an open source charter)

Please check out one of the projects I’m starting…





m² PowerStation (open source charter) « vulariter-blog.


p.s. Here’s what a square meter might look like .. 🙂

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Exascale Supercomputing & You

Source: Video: The Case for Exascale via insideHPC

Here is a great intro to the state of a raging High Performance Computer (HPC) industry.  Take a few minutes and see what 3,000 football stadiums worth of laptop computing power looks like.

Onward to exascale computers! Then, let’s put ’em on a electricity diet and make ’em hand-held.  I want an HTC Exascale Android phone already.  Maybe in the future, Motorola will name a phone “Droid-X” for a reason other than a lack of creativity. 😉

Edit: Maybe it was Verizon’s fault for naming them “Droid-X.”  haha!


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GM did this!?!

EN-V Concept Electric Autonomous Car via Too Smart Guys

I guess seeing the scene (see below) in my hometown (Dayton, Ohio) makes me think GM was kind of a failure, however too big to fail they may have been.  Hey GM, ‘you guys need a place to build these?!?!  Boy, do I have a deal for you!


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